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Cookie Kits

Fun For Everyone!

Try your hand at decorating with Moore Desserts cookie boxes!  This is a great activity to do with the kids or as a family.

Currently offering:

1.  Mega Mash Kit (6 Boo cookies, 6 halloween variety cookies, 5 icings, 1 detail icing, 6 sprinkles & googly eyes). $30 BONUS: 2 chocolate covered pretzels!

2.  Monster Mash Kit (3 large Boo cookies, 3 halloween variety cookies, 3 icings, 1 detail icing, 3 sprinkles & googly eyes). $20

3.  Mini Mash Kit (3 large Boo cookies, 2 icings, one sprinkles) $15,

Happy decorating!

Halloween cookie kits2.JPG
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